Asset Digitization Services

So what exactly does asset digitization mean?

It is the service our team of GIS technicians provide which digitizes your assets into iamGIS software (putting your assets on the map). Most importantly, each asset is georeferenced when we digitize them into the software.

Georeference is a fancy term for aligning geographic data (hydrants, underground pipes, buildings…etc.) to a known coordinate system so that data can be viewed, queried and analyzed with other geographic data. In other words, we’re properly ‘digitizing your physical reality’ so that you can see your assets as they truly relate (geographically) to other assets.

What does this process look like?

We’ll take whatever sources of data (paper or digital) you have for your assets and infrastructure: engineering maps (as-builts), service cards, hand-drawn sketches, campus maps, digital AutoCAD files…and literally draw them into iamGIS software so that the customer can more quickly begin maintaining and updating those assets or facilities.

How much does it cost?

Since every project is unique and customers can choose how much data they want associated with each asset – our team needs to review each scenario in order to provide a custom proposal.

What makes iamGIS different?

Affordability and Precision.

Our asset digitization services are typically one-third the cost of others yet our GIS technicians are more qualified and more accurate in this process because GIS is all we do!

Furthermore, we do what no one else in the industry does – we’ll give you 12 months to make payments at ZERO interest! Sure, if you want to pay up-front in full, we’ll give you a discount.